The Challenge: Before Boston-based DraftKings became the fantasy sports behemoth it is today, they were a 10-person team with a small office on Winter Street, looking to maximize its exposure and awareness in the Boston market by way of local, regional and national media coverage; strategic alliances; and events with dining and drinking establishments in and around sports stadiums that appealed to large sports enthusiast crowds. Their 2 goals – generate more loyal DraftKings players; and leverage the exposure and awareness as support for potential investor talks.

The Approach: DPA positioned DraftKings as the leader of the fantasy sports movement, and ensured their messaging of “game of skill” versus “game of chance” was portrayed in all communication with media for our aggressive (yet strategic) public relations and marketing campaign, while also developing strategic alliances with organizations and individuals which could lead to new players.

Results: During our 2+ year campaign, we secured 15,488,225 total impressions in media outlets including Entrepreneur magazine (100 Brilliant Companies); Boston Herald (companies that encourage March Madness brackets); Boston Business Journal (Executive Profile); and Forbes, Xconomy, Bostinno for DraftKings’ Series A funding announcement which DPA also carefully strategized the distribution of. We also facilitated a series of activation events at sports bars, and leveraged our relationship with Boston actor/artist Slaine (The Town, Gone Baby Gone) to host a series of games tapping into his loyal fanbase to convert them into DraftKings

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