The Challenge: FitMoney is a non-profit organization that provides free, unbiased financial literacy education to kids K through grade 12 through online games, videos, lessons and certificates. The Girl Scouts of Eastern Mass biggest initiative is cookie selling season, and with financial literacy being one of the pillars that they consider valuable for their scouts, it plays a huge role with helping maximizing cookie sales. Although there was no existing pertinent challenge for either organization, DPA saw an opportunity for the two to collaborate in some capacity.

The Approach: DPA presented the mantra and ethos of each organization to each other, calling out the mutually-beneficial ways in which they could work with each other, and facilitated intros and calls between both groups, often offering up ways they could both benefit from working together.

Results: FitMoney began creating specific programs and videos for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Mass, and also created digital badges they could earn for completing them. This also resulted in a full page Boston Globe feature, highlighting the innerworkings of both organizations, and DPA has leveraged this to reach out to Girl Scout troops in other states about replicating the same program, successfully securing 3 others in less than a month.

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