The Challenge: Lighthouse Immersive based in Toronto, Canada, was growing its footprint of immersive art shows throughout the U.S., opening locations including Boston at the Park Plaza Castle. Launching with Immersive Frida in spring 2022, media was confusing their soon-to-be immersive experience with two others in Boston that received negative attention for providing a lackluster experience. Lighthouse Immersive needed some market clarification, and to also show that their production was a better experience than those before them.

The Approach: DPA took an aggressive two-fold approach of consistently providing both PR and digital influencer opportunities to showcase the venue, while reaching out to our network of past and present clients, networking groups, non-profits, etc. to introduce them to the space and offer up strategic alliance opportunities.

Results: DPA was able to prevent all media coverage from wrongfully categorizing Lighthouse Immersive as the producers of previous, inferior shows, and we emphasized the prioritized messaging to be conveyed in coverage to show the difference between them. DPA tapped into its networks and contacts developed over 20 years for special pre-screenings, working with them on-site to photo and video posts on their respective social media pages. Lighthouse Immersive has kept DPA on to publicize other shows through today, and its national PR agency out of Chicago has looked to DPA to work on Art of Banksy and Potted Potter, based on the success we’ve had with all 7 of their shows – from Immersive Frida, to Immersive Vatican to Immersive Disney and others in-between.

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