Written By Dominic Amenta


The Challenge: In March 2016, PatientPing looked to align itself with a PR agency to strategize the announcement of its partnership with the state of Vermont to subsidize the cost of PatientPing’s technology for all of VT’s 15 healthcare networks. If successful, both operationally and in terms of public perception, PatientPing would leverage this success to enter different markets across the U.S.

The Approach: We were faced with two challenges – 1. Ensuring PatientPing received proper recognition and wasn‘t “lost in the shuffle” due to other integral groups (the state, individual hospitals) responsible for this partnership, and 2. Being tasked with getting PatientPing a feature story in a top-tier Boston (PatientPing’s home) media outlet while recognizing – from a PR perspective – the challenges of this request since this specific news did not affect or impact any organizations, health care networks or other major groups within Massachusetts.

We strategized to hold off announcing the news until CEO Jay Desai attended the 2016 Blueprint for Health Annual Conference in Vermont, making his in-person availability lucrative for attending industry/trade media and increasing our chances for mainstream media wanting to attend so they could speak with him.

Results: Secured 33 media placements including the AP; 2 TV spots (Fox44 and ABC22); the lead in a Burlington Free Press feature; a full-page business feature in the Boston Sunday Herald; top-tier trade/industry pick-up; and solidified a nearly 2-year relationship with PatientPing as their PR agency of record handling all PR efforts for PatientPing as a whole, and its partnerships in 8 additional major markets.

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